"Annie is a wonderful yoga teacher. .....last weekend Annie hosted an all-day yoga retreat. It was amazing. We started the day with a yoga session, followed by a meditation, delicious vegan lunch, discussion and finally restorative yoga. I am already looking forward to the next retreat! I highly recommend Annie for two main reasons. First, what I respect most is that Annie takes the time to watch and really instruct her students. Thanks to Annie I feel I have developed better habits in alignment and breathing. I have tried half a dozen classes elsewhere since I moved, and only after going to the retreat did I realize I was not doing some things correctly (some of those other teachers definitely did not correct me). Second, aside from the physical work, Annie also infuses the other elements of yoga such as the spiritual, mental, etc. side - whatever you want to call it. I would always find solace in her classes and would leave feeling better than I walked in."

- Erin T., Los Angeles

"Annie is hands down the best yoga teacher I've ever had."

- ZenJen T., Los Angeles

"I just had my 3rd session with Annie, each one has been unique and tailored to the people in the room. Very insightful instruction and just the right blend of stretching, strength, and breathing. Very meditative. But I'm sweating at the same time."

- Ian S., Los Angeles